Instant-Launch Use Case

App-Ready SmartTag™ Instant-Launch

Work Area/Project-Specific SMS Portal For Telecommuting And Shift Handover

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the workplace will most likely undergo some fundamental changes. Telecommuting may become a growing practice. In order to preserve work continuity, businesses must find new ways to establish a reliable method for team members to communicate.

The same goes for shift handover. An effective handover protocol should include a clear understanding of the task at hand and what needs to be accomplished for the next shift. Written words are far more reliable than spoken words and it can also be referred back at a later time.

App-Ready SmartTag is a great tool that can help both telecommuters and shift handover staff members to establish a reliable method for team communication.

An App-Ready SmartTag is like a private SMS channel plus a mini web site where team members can access the content to view project updates, check log/chat history, and post messages.

A free web app offered by myTrackBuddy, anyone can instant-launch an App-Ready SmartTag from their mobile or PC. Once launched, the access to the app can be posted as a QRcode, a short URL or a URL link (provided upon app launch).

For example, when someone is out sick, he/she may send a task list remotely to a SmartTag that is posted at his/her work area. A support staff may access the message and carry out the tasks. The app can also be accessed by other team members on PC and transfer the information to other management systems.

There is no account signup and no app download, just click the "Instant-Launch" button or scan the QR code below to launch. A separate link will be sent to your email address where you can access the edit page. Posting methods will be provided upon email submission. The use of this service is FREE, and there is no expiration.

A "Launch SmartTag" poster is provided here for you to print and post in your work area.   App-Ready-SmartTag.pdf