App-Ready SmartTag™

App-Ready SmartTags Greatly Streamline Information Flow

App-Ready SmartTag is used as an entry point to access myTrackBuddy apps at a physical location. An App-Ready SmartTag is essentially a URL address with a unique code as the parameter.

App-Ready SmartTag provides 3 posting methods: (i) short URL with SmartTag Code; (ii) QRcode image; and (iii) URL link.
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Below is an example of an App-Ready SmartTag that contains QRcode, NFC, and short URL.

For those who would like to use NFC (Near Field Communication), please program the NFC chip with the URL link provided.

It is always a good practice to include the short URL and the SmartTag code when posting the SmartTag. Oftentimes users may not be familiar with QRcode or NFC. Users may find it easier to simply open a browser and enter the short URL -

Instant Launch allows you to launch a single App-Ready SmartTag with no account sign up. User Account and Enterprise Account offer features that allow you to put in place a network of App-Ready SmartTags to form a coordinated process at multiple locations.

For example, you may use a combination of app types to enhance data entry and statistical analysis. You may also assign multiple SmartTags to an app. Each SmartTag will display the same app content but keep a separate log history.

myTrackBuddy offers affordable software services. We can quickly put together an App-Ready SmartTag project based on your requirements. We also provide online training for your staff and support you with expert advice. Please contact us to get a quote.
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