myTrackBuddy Apps

myTrackBuddy Apps Connect The Workflow Dots For You

myTrackBuddy Apps collect vital information that helps to improve workflow efficiency and gain valuable insight into the health of your business or project.

myTrackBuddy offers 4 types of apps that can be used independently or collectively to form a process network. Every app provides a custom log page with user-defined data fields. App content can be updated remotely, and log history can be viewed by multiple parties, both onsite and offsite.

You may follow the examples provided below to get familiar with app creation. Please click on the View App Example link to expand the section.

Service Log App

This app allows users to view project information, access service log, and submit service reports. Users may also send messages to admin for immediate attention. The incidence will become part of the log history. View App Example

Inventory Consumption App

This app allows users to record inventory count and the number of items being checked out or returned. Admin may access the log history remotely and enter data into other accounting systems. View App Example

Time Attendance App

This app allows users to record work hours, and send notifications to Admin such as sick leave. Users may roll back log-time if they forget to clock in/out. The original log-time will also be recorded for auditing purposes. View App Example

Content Posting App

This app allows users to view app content at a physical location and send messages directly from the app to you. Unlike other apps, log history is not included in the app. All messages will be sent to your email account. View App Example