App-Ready SmartTag™

App-Ready SmartTags Greatly Streamline Information Flow

App-Ready SmartTag is used as a gateway for users to access myTrackBuddy apps. An App-Ready SmartTag is essentially a URL address with a unique code as the parameter.

There is no limit to the number of SmartTags that can be assigned to an app. Each SmartTag will display the same app but keep a separate log when users access a specific SmartTag.

There are several ways to publish your apps including QRcode, NFC, SMS, and short URL. To publish as a QRcode, just download the QRcode image provided and print it on a label or a poster.

To include NFC (Near Field Communication), program an NFC sticker with the SmartTag's URL and stick it behind the label.

Below is an example of an App-Ready SmartTag that contains QRcode and NFC.

Please note that a short URL '' is included in the App-Ready SmartTag. Oftentimes, users are not familiar with QRcode or NFC tag. Therefore myTrackBuddy offers a short URL for content access. Users may enter this URL using a mobile browser, the web page will instruct the users to enter the first and last 3 letters of the SmartTag code and the page will be redirected to your app. SmartTag Code is part of the SmartTag URL.

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