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Business and Factory Automation in a Snap App-Ready SmartTag™

'App-Ready SmartTag™' is designed to work with myTrackBuddy apps to enhance user experience. It also makes app deployment super easy. An App-Ready SmartTag contains an NFC chip, a QR code and a short URL. Users may choose any one of the three methods to access the app. Each custom-made tag is encoded with a unique code that identifies the app. To setup the tag, the tag owner just need to enter the app ID and it's ready to go. The tag is a self-adhesive sticker, just place it on a poster or sign where users can access to it.

App-Ready SmartTag is capable of delivering 'On-Location Mobile Ads' for out-of-home advertisers, just think of it as a portal to the digital ad world. With the ease of implementation and low setup cost, it will open up new opportunities for the advertising industry. More On On-Location Mobile Ads

When used with the inventory, service log and time attendance apps, App-Ready SmartTags may serve as the first-line of data collection for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. By combining the collected data from various apps, managers may make sound decisions based on the up-to-the-minute information. More On Apps

App-Ready SmartTags serve small and large businesses equally well. They can be used independently or collectively to run a business or a factory process locally or across the globe. For example, companies may improve product distribution plan based on customer engagement stats from all sales locations along with inventory availability from warehouses. Plant managers may optimize work schedule based on parts availability and employee attendance from the data captured by App-Ready SmartTags.

App-Ready SmartTag is highly affordable and easy to implement. There is no upfront or hidden fees and takes pennies a day to run. The setup has been simplified down to a tap and a few clicks. App-Ready SmartTag also comes with a web app tool where users can create their own app by entering a short message and an image directly on their phone or on PC.

*App-Ready SmartTag and On-Location Mobile Ads are trademarks and patent pending technologies of myTrackBuddy.

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