Quick Start Tutorial Video

Quick Start Tutorial Video

Please open a new browser window and follow along with the video to create an account and an App-Ready SmartTag.
Pause or rewind the video as often as needed.
It will take about 15 minutes to complete.
For your convenience, the text for this tutorial is provided below, you may copy and paste the blue text to the corresponding fields during the tutorial.

App Title:
ABC Corp - Copier Service Log

App Image:
(This is an option. You can upload a test image for this tutorial or you can just leave it blank.)

App Content:
Please follow the service procedure outlined in the manual link below. Make sure to record the materials used in a separate inventory app.
Manual: http://acbcorp.com/manuals/ml-435

Notes to User:
To report copier problems - check the 'Request Service' checkbox, describe the problem in the comments section and check the 'Send to Admin now' option, then click 'Submit'.

Password Protection:
(If you want to password protect your app, you can enter a password here or leave it blank.)

User-Defined Data Fields:
Data Field 1:
Data Field 2:
Task Completed
Data Field 3:
Task Location

User-Defined Checkboxes:
Option 1:
Request Service
Option 2:
Replace Ink Cartridge
Option 3:
Clean Copier Glass
Option 4:
Refill Paper Trays
Option 5:
Record Usage Meter

Business Contact Info
ABC Corp



205 First Street Anytown, Anystate, 99887

Contact Person:
Amy Smith

Contact Email:
(You may want to use your own email address here so that you can receive messages from the app.)