On-Location Mobile Ads™

On-Location Mobile Ads™

Mobile ads have now surpassed other forms of online ads. In a few years they are projected to surpass all forms of advertisement. Meanwhile, out-of-home(OOH) ads continue to demonstrate its staying power in an ever-changing media ecosystem. myTrackBuddy believes there is an opportunity to create a new market by combining the strength of both ad types. This also allows conventional OOH advertising to become a portal to the digital ad world.

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myTrackBuddy is introducing one of its flagship products - 'On-Location Mobile Ads'. The technology used is not new but the implementation is. This new form of mobile ads uses a number of innovations to provide an instant solution for advertisers with or without prior experience. When combined with another myTrackBuddy award-winning product called 'App-Ready SmartTag™', myTrackBuddy simplifies user engagement down to a tap and a click with no hardware installation or software download.

Besides App-Ready SmartTag, the platform offers a high degree of automation to minimize implementation and operation costs. Each deployment only takes pennies a day to run and the setup can be done directly on mobile with a tap and a few clicks.

There are no hidden fees; On-Location Mobile Ads provides setup tools where advertisers can create their own ad by entering a short message and uploading an image directly on their phone or on their PC. It also comes with an NFC/QR code smart tag. Each custom-made tag is encoded with a unique code that identifies the app. An app or a campaign may be launched with hundreds of tags placed in different locations with no geographical limitation. The system will keep track of the data source automatically.

In addition, consumers may save the ad's URL as SMS and access the ad even after the OOH is gone. In other words, the mobile ad may continue to provide new information and promotions whenever they click on the link again. The system will also keep track of the source of the SMS click.

During WWDC 2017, Apple announced the addition of QR code reading to its camera. This is welcome news to myTrackBuddy because this feature will greatly enhance the App-Ready SmartTag user experience. iPhone users simply turn on their phone camera and point it to the SmartTag to access ad content.

Just like online mobile ads, On-Location Mobile Ads provide the same types of engagement stats and user inputs. Advertisers have complete control of their campaigns, when to start or stop, update app content in real time, monitor clicks, assign new ads to a tag remotely and download data from all locations for analysis.

This new tool will allow marketers to come up with new and innovative ways to engage users on-location. In particular, out-of-home advertising may now deploy mobile ads directly from their displays and the cost would hardly impact their price point.

With excitement, myTrackBuddy would like to reach out to marketers and advertisers so that we can start the conversation on this new found opportunity. myTrackBuddy is offering new programs such as Pay-Per-Click to OOH ad networks. Please contact us at support@mytrackbuddy.com for more details.

A trial version of the 'On-Location Mobile Ads' is available to you with no credit card or other form of payment required. It only takes a few minutes to create and launch your own ad. Why not? Click here to start. Click here to view tutorial.

*App-Ready SmartTag and On-Location Mobile Ads are trademarks and patent pending technologies of myTrackBuddy

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