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Mobile Web Apps To Enhance Business and Factory Processes

myTrackBuddy mobile web apps can be used as a single application or collectively to create a coordinated process. They are designed to collect vital information from the field that can greatly enhance workflow and reduce labor cost. Apps can be deployed locally or across the globe. They may be used to (i) provide field communications; (ii) track events and activities; (iii) distribute content and provide updates; (iv) download data for statistical analysis; and (v) export data to other systems.

Content Distribution & User Engagement

This app allows you to provide content to users on-location and allows users to send you a message directly from their mobile phone. In addition, there are 3 options that users can select including (i) Purchase Item; (ii) Request More Information and (iii) Please Contact Me. You will receive the message right away via email. The app can be used in a wide variety of scenarios such as WiFi password access, art gallery and museum exhibition, advertising display and product purchase. You may update your content online at any time. View Diagram

Time Attendance & Online Timesheet

This app allows both on-site and off-site employees to log work hours and to submit notes such as having a sick day or request for vacation using their smart phone. It also allows users to roll back time if they forget to clock in/out. As the Account Admin, you will be able to monitor activities and download time sheets with pre-calculated work hours from your account. View Diagram

Service Log Record & Access

This app allows you to record service activities and access to log history using your smart phone. Other staff members may also use the app to report a problem such as equipment malfunction for immediate attention. The App Admin will be notified by email right away. The incidence will become part of the log history. You will be able to monitor activities or download reports online. View Diagram

Inventory Consumption Tracking & Auto Refill Request

This app allows you to check out, return and audit inventories. It will also notify the App Admin and the Supplier when an inventory starts to run low. You can set the condition that triggers the notification. You will be able to download log data from all apps as Excel spreadsheet for analytics or export to other systems. It is a great complimentary tool that can help manage supply chain. View Diagram

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