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Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, myTrackBuddy is composed of a small group of experienced software engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs. The company is funded by private investors. Our first and foremost goal is to make sure we understand and identify our customers' challenges and provide the most sensible solutions to them. We strive to not get caught up with the pressure of growing fast and growing big as many Silicon Valley startups do. We want to open up our platform by working with the industry directly so that both parties can benefit from the collaboration.

User engagement and data collection are not all about technology; it is also about humans. How do you make customers to engage or have your staff members to record their activities consistently? What about the time it takes to engage or record? The first thing that came to our minds is that everyone has a smart phone nowadays, so if we design the entire process with just a few clicks, then users are more likely to use the app.

On the back end, we must provide a fully automated process to collect all the vital data so that companies may use the data to improve their internal work flow or make sound decisions based on the collected information.

The development took a lot longer than we liked it to be because we rejected many versions until we got the optimal user engagement process. Our hard work pays off as we have received two major awards shortly after the release. We like what we have developed and we hope you like it too.

*myTrackBuddytm and App-Ready SmartTagtm are patent-pending technologies.

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